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Krohn Clinic

Meet Our Physicians

At Krohn Clinic, we are committed to delivering the highest quality, personal primary health care to the Black River Falls area. Our experienced and compassionate team offers you and your family complete health care with seamless coordination to specialty services.


To allow you to have as much local care as possible, our Family Medicine physicians in Black River Falls have advanced training in the majority of multi-specialist fields you will need.

We provide Surgeons skilled in general surgery as well as cutting edge work in surgical sub-specialty areas. 

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Family Practice


Kevin Anderson, M.D.

Etson Cameron, M.D.

Lea Coville, M.D.

David Kellen, M.D.

Jerome Kitowski, M.D.

Kirk Lane, M.D.

Michael Mahan, M.D.

Jeff Polzin, M.D.

Del Rogers, M.D.

Howard Spegman, M.D.

Coming Soon!

Sarah Busse, M.D.

Michelle Forsting, M.D.


Darrin Antonelli, M.D. Nicholas Kitowski,M.D.  



Paul Helstad, D.P.M.  


Nurse Practitioner

Krista Anderson, F.N.P
Urgent Care
Katherine Goodenough, F.N.P.
Urgent Care

Behavioral Health

Coming Soon!

Catherine Whitehouse, M.D.

Danielle Jacobs

Jessica Dammen
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