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You may have heard the good news that you do not need a Pap smear until age 21.  And, for most women with normal Pap smears you can get your next Pap smear in 3 years.  However, if you have an abnormal Pap smear and need further testing, you can have that right here at the Krohn Clinic.

Colposcopy is a diagnostic tool used to help physicians understand the significance of an abnormal Pap test. A low power microscope is used to examine the cervix or vagina. If abnormalities are found, a biopsy may be done where a very small piece of tissue is removed and sent for study with a powerful microscope. The results of this exam helps determine the significance of an abnormal Pap smear and to determine what treatment if any is appropriate. Colposcopy, with or without biopsy, helps us in the detection of and subsequent treatment of mostly pre cancer related abnormalities of the cervix, vagina, or external genitalia.

Finally, if you have a more advanced abnormality, you may need to have this removed.  We can do that right here at the Krohn Clinic with a procedure called a LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure).  This procedure helps prevent most women from having to have a hospital based surgical operation.